A Bit About Us

We make hand-made soaps that are free of detergents, SLS, and fillers!

Nerdy Girl® Soaps is all about fun, geekery, and storytelling. A lot of my soaps come with their own original stories. Some of them are inspired by other people’s stories; be it old fairy tales, pop culture, or video games. But, here at Nerdy Girl, we go beyond the text. A picture tells a thousand words, and so my stories are also told through color, texture, and scent.

Nerdy Girl Soaps is a small, hobby business; run by me, its mad Scientist. What could be more fun and nerdy than being a scientist? Not much, right?

All joking aside, I am a trained biologist and chemist. So, please rest assured that your soaps are all created with loving care (and SCIENCE!!!). Each small batch is carefully pH tested, not once, but twice before arriving at your door. My number one goal is to produce products that are gentle and nourishing to your skin. As a result, all of my soaps and other bath and body products are 100% sulfate free and contain no fillers or detergents. Just as your health is important to me, so is the health of the environment; all of the fats and oils used in their making are of the highest quality. We make every attempt to obtain ingredients that are harvested and grown sustainably.

We are located near Seattle Washington, home of craft beers, craft coffee, and craft almost everything else. Nerdy Girl Soaps fits right in as all our products are hand-crafted in super small batches. For example, my large soap batches usually only create 8-9 bars at a time. Now that’s what we call a small batch.

The only downside to this being so small a company is that the store often ends up empty a lot. I do all of this in my spare time, mostly for fun, and definitely not for an income of any sort. What this means is that I usually only produce a hand-full of collections a year. I love doing what I do and I truly love my soaps. I think they’re worth the wait and I hope you do too.

-Nerdy Girl