The vast majority of my soaps are made with natural mineral pigments and micas. Natural plant extracts like annato, orange peel, or cocoa powder are some times used as are naturally occurring colored clays. Occasionally, transparent soaps are colored with body-safe lab colors in order to keep the product from turning opaque. Very rarely I will use an FDA approved, cosmetic-grade, soap-safe neon pigment.


All of the oils I use are either food grade. or of the same quality. One of my vendors carries food-grade oils but does not have a food handlers permit so, in the legal sense, it can’t be labeled truly as food grade when I purchase it from them. A note about Palm Oil and Palm Kernel Oil. There is a lot of controversy regarding the harvesting of these products and their sustainability. All of my palm products are certified sustainable and are raised and harvested by members of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO). If it is your preference to avoid palm oil, my luxury recipes are Palm Free.


Soaps are made using essential oils and/or body-safe fragrances. If you have fragrance allergies I do occasionally offer unscented soaps.